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laser cleaner for metal, wood and stones, Laser Cleaning machine by PULSAR Laser
SMART - CLEVER - Laser cleaner EXCALIBUR P CL 200E
The introductory price is only
Power 200W
Simple controls that anyone can handle.
Ideal for car repair shops, plumbing workshops, Paint shops
or home use..
Cleans wood, car bodies, engines, stone.
Removes rust, paint, mold, natural sediments.

Car bodywork - rust, paint, rubber asphalt
The First Air Cooled CW laser cleaning machine - FOX P CL 1500A! Low energy consumption with 1500W cleaning power! The FOX P CL laser rust and paint removal machine is designed for metal materials of large dimensions. For example, car bodies, power line poles, bridges or containers.
Thanks to the our twin-engine cleaning head you can clean the surface perfectly without unwanted grooves.
If you plan to clean thin metal materials, we recommend the PANDA or SHARK series instead.
SHARK P CL - laser cleaner series
SHARK P CL laser cleaning machine are suitable for laser cleaning of wood, iron, aluminium, copper, brass, stone and marble. Thanks to the perfect pulse modulation, you can achieve a rough or shiny surface on metallic materials. When cleaning wood with the laser, the structure and pattern are preserved and the wood is not damaged. The SHARK P CL also helps you to remove graffiti. If you need to remove paint from plastics with a laser, this is no problem for the SHARK P CL.
laser cleaner PANDA P CL series
The PANDA P CL is perfect for laser cleaning of wood, iron, aluminium, copper, brass, stone and marble. Restoration will already be fast and efficient. Thanks to the improved pulse modulation, you can achieve a rough or shiny finish on metallic materials.
PANDA P CL laser cleaners feature an improved cleaning head with a unique design and the lightest weight in its pulse modulation segment.
PANDA P CL laser cleaners are suitable for all sensitive materials such as injection molds, stamping tools, copper, brass.
If you need to clean stainless steel welds, the PANDA P CL is the ideal choice.
Why laser cleaning?
The great thing about laser cleaning is that it is very versatile so if you need to clean a surface, you can easily find the right machine to do the job. It also offers versatility in terms of size, and price. For example, if you just want the smaller unit for small items like shoes, jewelry, or marking off lines so you know where to cut something on a material, then you can simply get the smaller machines. On the other hand, if you do have large items to clean like cars and boats, your needs will be met with a larger unit that produces a much more powerful beam.

If you need help choosing the right laser cleaning machine, please fill out a short questionnaire.

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