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Laser cleaning  Service - Laser cleaning machine rental

This service is currently unavailable. After the renewal, we will inform you on this website
Do you want to rent a laser cleaning machine?
We know that with occasional cleaning, it is better to rent equipment for a short time.

What do you need to know?
In order to rent our laser cleaning equipment, you need to be insured. The insurance must cover the price of the equipment and binding of the insurance must be to the benefit of our company. When signing the contract, you will make a deposit of 3 months rent. You can then take over the equipment, the transport costs are paid by you. Of course, we will train you perfectly. It's so simple, isn't it?
Do you need to rent a machine? What you can rent:
Laser power 120W
Cleaning length and width 200x20 mm
Pulse energy 1,5mJ
You can clean: paint, rust, rubber, plastic, carbon...
Easy to adjust via interactive HMI
Rental prices for PULSAR PANDA P CL 120Q
Below you will find the basic rental prices. For longer periods or special conditions, please contact us.
1 day..............................245 €/day + VAT
2-7 days.........................198 €/day + VAT
7-30 days.......................173 €/day + VAT
2 month-3 month.....2450€/month+VAT
4 month and more...1950€/month+VAT
In order to rent a device, you need insurance binding in our favor
Karpatské námestia 10/A
Bratislava, Slovakia
+421 910 596 575
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