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about us
We are pleased that 10 years of experience with HIGHT-TECH innovative technologies and 3 years of development and search for solutions for perfect laser cleaning are now available to you. Try  our PULSAR P CL Laser cleaning machines.
laser cleaning
You can use laser to clean graffiti, stainless steel escalator covers, elevators, statues, monuments, building facades or concrete.
You can also use the laser to clean and maintain molds and equipment in industry.
The laser cleaner perfectly replaces etching or sandblasting technologies for removing rubber, plastics, paint, git or rubber asphalt.
what means laser cleaning?
Unique laser beam control methodology. Ergonomic control via control panel. During surface cleaning, you set the size and properties of the laser beam yourself, all through the panel. It is not necessary to replace the optics. Our patented beam control gives you the ability to clean even sensitive surfaces. Laser cleaning with our PULSAR Laser technology gives you a perfectly homogeneous surface. From hobby design up to INDUSTRY 4.0 standards.
Laser cleaning machine PULSAR Laser
PULSAR LASER Quality Policy
Our priority is to meet customer requirements and needs in the delivery of equipment and services of the highest quality. We monitor the ergonomic and economic needs of the client so that the production processes are efficient while maintaining the highest quality of the client's production.
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what do you get?
  • high commissions
  • technical background
  • full support - technical and marketing
  • full exclusivity for your region
  • unique work with interesting people you meet every day

Laser cleaning machine PULSAR Laser
Our services do not end with the sale of equipment. In order for you to make full use of our equipment, we have prepared trainings for you, where you will learn to make perfect use of the power and possibilities of the purchased technology.
If you are interested in our technology, we will be happy if you look at and download our catalog. .
Rental Service
We know that with occasional cleaning, it is better to borrow a laser cleaning device for a short time.
Renting is currently suspended. We will inform you about the renewal of the service on these pages.
Do you have production technology according to INDUSTRY 4.0? You want to extend the process with laser cleaning or 3D printing from metallic materials. We are here for you.
Process and Engineering Services
Do you plan to integrate laser cleaning, welding or laser 3D printing technology into your new or existing production technology?
In cooperation with the engineering and development team worldwide, we will design a solution that also meets the INDUSTRY 4.0 standards.
From manual handling to robotics, turnkey solutions.
Warranty and aftersales services
We are the only one in Europe to solve warranty and post-warranty problems with PULSAR Laser devices
If you break the protective glass, cut the cable, or the device stops working for you, we are here for you.
Contacts Info
+421 910 596 575
Karpatské námestia 10/A
Bratislava, Slovakia
Karpatské námestia 10/A
Bratislava, Slovakia
+421 910 596 575
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