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SHARK Laser cleaner

laser rust and paint cleaner
Published by Pulsar Laser in Laser · Monday 19 Jun 2023
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It's great to hear that the SHARK series laser cleaner can clean a wide range of materials, including iron, stainless steel, brass, copper, wood, glass, paper, plastics, marble, sandstone, and cement coatings.

The ergonomic laser cleaning head on the SHARK II model is a unique feature that ensures minimal strain on your hand while cleaning.

The beam modulation technology allows for adjustable cleaning for different types of dirt and surfaces. The SHARK series is particularly useful for repairing and cleaning cultural monuments, windows, doors, and statues.

The laser beam control technology ensures a unique homogeneous surface cleaning, avoiding the ZEBRA effect that can cause grooved, irregular, or inhomogeneous surfaces.
It's important to note that rust-cleaned iron should be homogeneous without black spots and heat maps, and the SHARK laser cleaner guarantees a grey to silver grey finish.
Overall, the SHARK laser cleaner is a great investment for those looking for a versatile, efficient, and effective solution for their laser cleaning needs.

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